Welcome to Janus Development Group

We guide people, organizations, and communities
to develop their leadership potential for maximum results

JanusFundamentally, leadership development is a journey in personal development.  The more we know about ourselves, our strengths and challenges, the better able we are to lead.   We can then intentionally surround ourselves with people whose approaches enhance and compliment ours.  Through the tools and processes of Janus Development Group, we provide our clients with a foundation for not only understanding themselves better but those they seek to lead.

The vision of Janus Development Group is to guide individuals, groups, organizations, and communities as they create a path to their desired future.  We accomplish that by facilitating conversations, providing the appropriate resources, challenging thinking, and guiding development through change.  Janus Development Group creates an environment to support transformative leaders – leaders who desire an ability to bring about significant change. Transformative leaders operate from a foundation of shared values creating a vision owned by all.  They inspire their followers to go beyond their own self-interests for the good of the group.  And they have the ability to paint a vision of a desired future and communicate it in a way that makes uncertainty and change worth the effort.

When Janus Development Group works with an individual or organization, our approach is one of partnership, working collaboratively with the client to identify the resources needed to achieve their objectives.  We believe much of the wisdom, ability, and experience is present within the person or organization to chart your own growth.

Core Values

  • Authenticity

    We exhibit undisputed credibility, transparency, and trust in all our work.

  • Creativity

    We establish an environment and culture that unleashes the creative leadership in all individuals.

  • Continuous Learning

    We believe leaders require ongoing learning, feedback, continued exploration, and challenge for growth.

  • Uncompromising Client Focus

    We invest time and effort to design programs specifically for you and your organization which consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations.

  • Collaboration

    We work in a collaborative partnership with our clients to facilitate the change and results they desire.

  • Outcome Driven

    We never lose focus on the end result for our clients.